Online Branding for Small Business

Creating a strong online brand is the first step in gaining traction on social media, google and anywhere online.

Your brand is your story.  Your story is your image. It shapes how others see you.  It should be what drives you to provide the best service or create the best product.  It should stand out from your competition. Your brand should motivate your team and your customers.

It should clearly communicate to your audience what you can do to help them and what problem in their life you solve.

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer – what questions do they have about your industry? What fears or concerns do they have?  What problem do they have which leads them to you? Make sure your brand slogan and story address these questions.

Your social media profiles should represent your brand.  They should be consistent with company name, your bio/profile statement of what you offer, your colors/logos/fonts should be consistent, your website, phone numbers and emails should all be consistent.

This strong consistent brand will allow anyone that lands on your social media pages to feel you are professional and experienced. The next important step is to keep your content, posts, and stories consistent as well.

When working with Brand Social Marketing, our goal is to first help you discover your true digital brand, develop it, strengthen it digitally and bring it to life.   If you’d like more information – click here.