Reels VIP Day

Done for you reels

As the fastest growing trend on Instagram, Reels should be a staple of your social media strategy! 

Reels help businesses, personal brands, and creators reach TRIPLE the amount of viewers as a standard post. Plus, they’re a fun, entertaining way to engage with your audience. 

If you’re curious about Reels, but need some guidance on how they’re created and posted, we’ve got you covered. Our Reels day gives you the ability to work side by side at your location with one of our team members to create reels for your Instagram page and learn how to do them yourself in the process. 



Reels VIP Day

  • One-on-one consultation with a Brand Social team member to talk through your big picture strategy. During this call, we'll talk about how to find the best audio and trends for your industry, and we'll plan your Reels content to support your business goals.
  • Shot List + Audio Sheet detailing which Reels we'll be creating and what will be needed (clothing change, props, etc.) on recording day.
  • Three hours of in-person time where we create your Reels TOGETHER. We'll work side by side, so you'll feel comfortable creating Reels on your own in the future. There's no limit on the number of Reels we can make and all Reels will be saved on your phone, so you're ready to post.
  • How-To Reels Guide & Worksheet that includes all the information you need to post your recorded Reels when you're ready -- and remember how to do it again in the future!
  • One month of Slack access, so you can easily message the Brand Social team for any Reels help you may need.

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