How To Get Started With Social Media for Business

So you just started your small business and you’re ready to get it launched on social media! Here are a few first steps to take to get started.

Your Brand – First thing is first, make sure your online brand is strong – read our article HERE to first create your brand.

Social Media Platforms Accounts – Create business accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest (if applicable).

Google My Business – Create your google my business account for your business.  This is super important as it allows people to find you when they search for you on google.

Invite people to like your pages – start with family, friends, employees, current customers, and more to get your likes going.

Posting – Begin posting to Social Media 3-4 times per week. Make sure your content is consistent and clear. Keep your photos/graphics in the same fonts, color schemes, and look as your brand. It will allow you to be recognizable and stand out among other posts.  Provide your customers with free advice, insight, funny posts, and variety. Only one sales/special/ad type post is recommended.

Stories – Use the stories function on Instagram at least 2-3 times per day to provide some behind the scenes, light and fun content for your followers.  This will also allow you to avoid the algorithm for posts. Always link your posts in your stories.

Hashtags – Use hashtags on Instagram and LinkedIN to get seen by a wider audience and gain followers.

GeoTag – Make sure to use geotags in Instagram to allow ideal clients in local areas to see your posts as well.

These are just a few beginning steps to get started on social media.  After you begin, consistent posting is the most important task. If you become stale for too long, your followers will lose inerest.  So change up the content, keep it fun, and keep it going!