Ideas for Instagram Reels for Business

Just when we thought we had started to figure out Instagram, here comes Reels. 

Great. Another thing to learn about social media. 

I spent last week feeling like I HAD to make a reels clip to post – everyone was doing it!! But don’t. It isn’t going anywhere, and you can use it when it feels right for your content. Don’t force something, you’ll end up spending WAY too much time analyzing it, worrying, and waste time.  

To make things easier I’m giving you some ideas/suggestions of WHEN you could use it for your business. 


  • In Action – take a few short clips of your employees or yourself working on a project, head over to stories, select reels, select those few short clips and add some text. Post to stories!
  • Before & Afters – take a before video and an after video of a transformation project and put them together in reels and post to your feed.
  • Services – show a few quick clips of services you offer.
  • Funny – play around with making some funny collage videos of yourself, kids, employees.
  • Quarantine life – are all of your employees working from home? Have them send in a short clip of them at home and put them together in reels. Are you a mom working with your kiddos, share some funny ‘moments’ at home. 
  • How To – show how easy it is to use your product with a few quick ‘sped through’ clips of it being used. 


Remember, it is only 15 seconds long, so it will be quick content. Keep it light. 

The good news is, reels are getting a lot of attention right now and you can post your reel publicly to the Explore section to get more viewers. So there are some opportunities for good exposure and creating something that gets a lot of attention!

So have fun with it, but like everything, don’t overthink it.