How To Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media

“A brand is not what you say, but how you make people feel.” Jasmine Star


As a social media manager, I come back to this quote a lot. Because, honestly, this is what it’s all about.


Think about it: Most of the choices we make are based on how something makes us feel.


That same principle applies to the brands we choose every single day.


Even though many business owners think it’s all about how their products and services stand apart (and don’t get me wrong, that is important), it’s more about the feeling — comfort, loyalty, authenticity — you deliver to your customers.


The more personal that relationship, the stronger your brand will be and the more dedicated your customers become — an invaluable asset for your growing business.


So, how can you use social media to create a brand that connects with your audience and sets your business apart? Start with these 6 simple steps.


1- Keep your look consistent.

Take the time to create a recognizable brand aesthetic and use that format across all your social media pages. Use the same colors, fonts, and icons to help people identify your posts while they’re scrolling through their feed. This also applies to your company logo; choose something that speaks to your brand and use it on all visuals and marketing materials, so customers can easily spot your content.


2- Find your brand voice — and use it!

Although nailing your brand voice can take a little time, it’s worth the effort. Speaking on social media in a way that consistently sounds like you will help your audience recognize your brand, understand what you’re all about, and attract the right kind of potential customers to your social channels.


3- Narrow down your niche.

While it may seem like offering ALL the services is a challenge, I’d argue it’s actually more difficult to narrow down exactly what you do and where you do it. Focusing on a few key services or locations you support will help you stand out — and make your customers feel like they’re working with a real expert in their specific area. Make that niche clear on social media (both through your content and your bios), so you’ll be sure to come up when people search.


4- Know your audience.

Who is your ideal client? If you’re not entirely sure, you need to take the time to figure it out. Think about who you can deliver the greatest value to, who you enjoy working with, and who needs what you do the most. From there, write a detailed description of this client in as much detail as possible, including what problems they’re trying to solve. Plan your social media to reach them specifically and appeal to what they need.


5- Build relationships with your followers.

Like it or not, many of the relationships we have these days are through digital platforms, and social media is the perfect place to have fun and connect with your customers. Ask questions, post engaging content, and pay careful attention to your analytics to see how your audience is reacting to your posts. Respond to their comments honestly and genuinely and cheer on their social media efforts, too. Trust me, your authenticity will pay off!


6- Contribute and support your local community.

Getting involved in your community is a great way to get your brand to stand out. Find organizations that you really believe in and make it a point to support them, both on social media and behind the scenes. Post and tag local charities, schools, youth sports, and groups to show people that you’re a business that cares about more than just, well, business. Again, authenticity is key here; walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk!


Once all these elements are in place, just keep at it while always keeping your customers top of mind. Be yourself, build real connections, and make business decisions that reflect what you’re about, and you can’t go wrong!


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