6 Simple Steps to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

We get it — running a business is kind of like being a professional juggler.


(All the balls in the air, all the time!)


The last thing you need is another task thrown into the mix, but when it comes to adding LinkedIn to your social media arsenal, hear us out.


Often overlooked for the flashier social media platforms (we’re looking at you, Instagram!), LinkedIn is the place where 722 million professionals go to learn about other professional brands.


While this distinction in itself makes LinkedIn worth your time, it’s also important to mention that LinkedIn is highly searchable on Google. Don’t believe us? Do a quick search of yourself, and we bet you’ll find your LinkedIn profile at the top of those results.


This level of visibility means you absolutely must invest the time to maintain your professional LinkedIn profile.


The good news?


The time it takes is minimal. While you don’t want just to set it and forget it, the main bulk of the work happens upfront when you’re creating your LinkedIn profile. So just be as professional and thorough as possible in the areas you do choose to complete.


From there, you can refresh your page quarterly in just six simple steps. Ready to get started? Here’s how to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile:


Step 1: Highlight Your Recent Accomplishments


Before you get started, make a quick list of changes or accomplishments that have happened since your last LinkedIn profile update. Have you launched a new sector of your business? Have you published any blogs or had any articles written about your company? Do you have any exceptional client results or testimonials you’d like to share? All of these items can — and should — be worked into your profile.


Step 2: Optimize Your Headline


If not customized, the headline under your profile photo will automatically populate with your current job title. But this is a prime spot to get more searchable keywords into your profile, so take the extra 2 minutes to craft a headline that reflects your current role and mission. What does your business provide? Where do you work? How do you help? A well-crafted headline tells your story in a way that’s concise and compelling and will make your profile stand out.


Step 3: Make the Most of Your Header Graphic


Think of the horizontal background image on your profile as a billboard — the perfect piece of real estate to better brand your business. This is a place where you can showcase your products, your team, or your professional logo. Just make sure it’s eye-catching and branded to match your company, so it looks professional while grabbing people’s attention.


Step 4: Add an About Section and Your Current Work Experience


While it’s true that the more sections you complete the better, it’s not necessary to stress over every feature of your LinkedIn profile. That said, there are two sections you should spend the time on: About and Work Experience. Think of the About section like the cover letter to your resume — provide the big-picture information about who you are, what’s important to you, and what makes your business unique. In the Work Experience, spell out precisely your role and any specific wins you’d like to share.


Step 5: Populate the Skills Section


LinkedIn allows you to list 50 skills in your profile, and you should use every last one of them! This is the easiest way to pack your profile with rich keywords, so if someone is searching for a specific service or professional, your page will come up.


Step 6: Add ALL the Content


Once your profile is set, don’t forget to update your profile with new content regularly. (Again, this doesn’t have to be a big time commitment!) If you post a blog on your company website, share it on LinkedIn so it appears in your Activity section. If you’re in hiring mode, add a post about your company culture and link back to the job listing. And, most importantly, if you have any new branded videos, images, client reviews, or case studies, add them to your Featured section to keep your profile fresh.



By committing to these simple actions, you’ll create a LinkedIn presence that’s comprehensive, professional, and current — three things you want potential clients or partners to see when visiting your page.


From there, spend 15 minutes each week engaging (liking, commenting, following), making connections, and sharing new content to your page. Just a little bit of upkeep will go a long way!